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  1. Sirplay_Esterno_ICE_2019

    Jornada De Éxito: ​​ICE Londres 2019

    JORNADA DE ÉXITO: ​​ICE LONDRES 2019 ICE London 2019 finalizó el jueves 07 de febrero. Un intenso show de tres días en ExCeL, donde la industria…

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  2. Sirplay_Esterno_ICE_2019

    A Journey of Success: ICE London 2019

    A JOURNEY OF SUCCESS: ICE LONDON 2019 ICE London 2019 wrapped up on Thursday 07 February. An intense three day show at the ExCeL, where…

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  3. Sirplay en ICE London 2019

    SIRPLAY EN ICE LONDON 2019   Sirplay presentará R-PLAY en ICE London 2019 a la audiencia local. Ya presentamos nuestro nuevo software integrado de apuestas…

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  4. Sirplay at ICE London 2019

    SIRPLAY AT ICE LONDON 2019   Sirplay will present R-PLAY at ICE London 2019 to the audience in London. We already presented our newest integrated Sports…

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  6. Sports Betting Software


  7. Sirplay at ICE New York 2018: Amazing!

    ICE NEW YORK, THANK YOU! Sirplay was at ICE New York 2018. The conference wrapped up and it was an awesome occasion to benchmark our…

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  8. United States of America x Betting Solutions: The Power of R-PLAY

    USA BETTING SOLUTIONS: THE POWER OF R-PLAY ICE Sports Betting on November 28. It will be a very special day for Sirplay’s history. Sirplay will…

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