Why choose Sirplay as your gaming solutions provider?

People often ask why they should choose us and they usually expect a monologue on our sports betting software and on how amazing and efficient it is. The truth is that our platform is just one of the reasons that brought Sirplay to be the international corporation that is today, with 13 years of experience in the industry of gambling.

We offer our services in 22 countries all over the world. We offer an extremely flexible modular software developed according to the needs of the market, users such as players and also agencies. This vision is essential for us, for our business concept and to be constantly close to our clients, by helping them in the development, licensing and promotional processes, all through our experience and with a constant dedicated assistance.

Sirplay does not consider the customer as a number, instead, the Company establishes an actual alliance based on common interests
and strong values, since the beginning. Figuratively, like a supporter who decides to be loyal to his team for all the life.

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Sirplay in the Latin American and African gaming markets

The reputation of a company arises from the presence in a territory. From the beginning, Sirplay has decided to invest in new markets and now we are in large part on South America and Africa, with sales and support offices located in Lima and Bogotà, local agents in Nigeria and with prestigious Clients in both areas.

Sirplay is certified

Sirplay works to ensure our application complies with all the guidelines published by the jurisdiction. Sirplay’s Sports Betting System has been tested and certified by leading industry bodies. Sirplay’s Sports Betting Software has already gained 4 certifications of quality and security, and others are on their way.

Our Partners

Sirplay is constantly seeking the best gaming and entertainment partners in order to guarantee an exclusive gaming experience to Clients and Players. Thanks to the partnership agreements reached with several casinos and virtual games providers – international leaders in the industry – Sirplay integrated its Sports Betting Platform with a wide range of games: slots machines, table games, live casino, virtual games, fantasy games, etc.
The games are available for either Desktops PCs and mobile devices with high-quality graphics, animation and audio, besides the intuitive and user-friendly menu. The bookmaker is supported by a fast integration process that combines the scalability, flexibility and the performance of a betting software with the highest levels of security and reliability, offering to the clients the widest range of available games in the sector and so, the perfect gaming solutions.

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