ICE Totally Gaming 2018 finished and also this year it revealed the perfect chance to meet old and new acquaintances. This year’s edition pleasantly surprised us since our agenda was in overbooking even before the beginning of the show.

For Sirplay, this was a proof of the increasing global awareness of the corporation as a result of the strong growth it is experiencing.

Sirplay decided to bet on two leading products for this ICE Totally Gaming 2018, its Bitcoin sportsbook platform and the revolutionary Endeavour Live Betting module. The fully-converted cryptocurrency sportsbook platform received a lot of attention, especially from the visitors coming from the Asian region.

While the new Live Betting, the first game module of a betting platform to be based on Google Cloud infrastructure, has quickly intrigued all the bookmakers present. Indeed, they rapidly understood its incredible potential in terms of speed, scalability and reliability.

The Endeavour Live Betting module will be soon accompanied by other modules. Indeed, Sirplay will continue its work in close contact with Google’s engineers to develop the rest of the new Endeavour betting platform, including an AI Risk Management module, based on Google Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a Marketing Management module based on Big Data.

ICE Totally Gaming 2018 was a great experience and Sirplay’s team would like to thank everybody that stopped by at our stand at the show. For the ones that weren’t there, you’ll have another chance to meet Sirplay gaming specialists at FADJA 2018 Bogota, Colombia.



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