Two years of investments in developing and training and the courage to start anew in order to provide to our customers not only a simple product but something more, a new gaming experience that is not just a simple evolution but a true revolution in the betting industry. 

Endeavour by Sirplay LTD is, indeed, the first online gaming platform to use the unlimited resources of Google infrastructure, the same used by Google Research and Youtube.

Endeavour, the Google-based gaming platform for the bookmaker who wants an unlimited business

Performances beyond compare and an advanced user-friendliness due to Sirplay decennial experience in the gaming field, are not the only features that make “Endeavour Live Betting” a unique solution. The development based on Google infrastructure has led to the possibility of integrating and make the platform compatible with any project and service provided by Google, the most advanced technological partner in the world.

Soon the second module of Endeavour, the “AI Risk Management” based on the Google Artificial Intelligence (AI), will be released. The module will be the perfect tool to manage and analyze in depth all gaming data in order to provide an innovative risk management.
With this module, it will be the Google AI to decide how to manage any incoming bet based directly on all collected data.

These advanced technologies gave us the chance to make a step forward of 5 years.
Indeed, working in close contact with Google’s engineers has completely changed our vision and working methods, opening new scenarios until now inconceivable.

Starting anew was the craziest thing we have ever done. We have spent two years in developing the current version of our betting software and, during this period, many times we have been tempted to come back and do a simple porting on Google’s machines, as everybody would.

Today, I’m proud to affirm that Sirplay has aimed beyond any conventional solution, deserving one of the fewest Google Cloud Case Study, the one and only in the gaming industry –

The other module will be dedicated to the Marketing Management. Indeed, Google provides the widest range of tools for data analysis in the world and the advantage of having them integrated into a betting platform is really huge.

The project is ambitious and we are looking for a bookmaker just as much ambitious. He/she will be the first to use the most advanced betting platform worldwide, designed and conceived for an unlimited business.

Some of the main features of Endeavour are:

  • Scaling to serve hundreds to millions of players.
  • API to develop a UI/UX layout builder – in any programming language – on:
    • Web desktop;
    • Web mobile;
    • SDK/Android/Ios;
    • Betting terminals;
    • Compatible with hundreds of Google API, like:
  • API (LDAP) User Management, integrable with any existing gaming platform, for user/role/permission management.
  • API System Commission, integrable with any existing gaming platform, to manage your fee network.
  • API, integrable with any existing gaming platform, to manage the cart with:
    • MTS Sport Radar;
    • Machine Learning – Google AI;
    • API to integrate back-office and Risk Management.
  • Leveraging App Engine for front-end interactions and maintaining game state in the datastore.
  • Orchestrating and autoscaling Compute Engine dedicated gaming servers with Google Engine.
  • Gaining business insights by analyzing massive datasets that contain information about users and gaming statistics.

The modules of our Live betting platform are developed according to the micro-services technology and thanks to it they can be distributed and integrated, even individually.

As our CSA, Stefano Cavallaro, told in the recent Google Case Study, “online gaming is a complex industry, and our core values of trustworthiness and a global outlook need to be backed by the best technology available”. By choosing Google as a partner, there are no limits on what we can store and analyze.

The partnership with Google Cloud and the Case Study they dedicated to our “Endeavour Live Betting” were a further recognition of our growth path that goes beyond any other gratification. That, it’s also the answer we give when we are asked why we have never taken part in any of the existing gaming awards.

Today, this result is worth more than all the awards together and perhaps, from 2018 we’ll start to take into consideration the participation to awards.

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