Frequently Asked Questions

I already own a betting platform, but I would like to change my current software provider.
How do I do it?

If you already manage a sportsbook and you would like to switch to our sports betting platform, we will make sure that everything is properly managed, we will prepare a migration plan. The players’ personal data will be uploaded into the new platform and the switch will be planned in order to complete the migration in a few hours.

I have a casino in my country and would like to offer also the sports betting, is it possible?

We have several betting solutions for both the online and land-based businesses. If you own a land-based casino and you would like to offer also sports betting, our retail solution will be the right choice since it will allow to create cashiers accounts to manage the sports betting tickets sale.

I am new in this industry but I would like to make an investment.

The Sports Betting market gives many opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs. The first step is to prepare a Business Plan, we can support you providing some forecasts and figures to help you calculate the operational costs, ROI and profits.

I am completely new to this business, what shall I know?

The proper management of a sports betting platform can make this business highly lucrative. We offer different solutions and services based on level of engagement and knowledge. A gaming expert will work alongside with you to single up the best solution tailored to your needs.

I would like to run a sportsbook but I don’t want to deal with the odds management. Is it possible?

Our betting solutions come with the odds feed included. The software embeds many features and tools to manage the odds margins and configurations in complete autonomy. If you want to focus on the shops and players management only, we provide trading services and support. You are in safe hands with Sirplay!

Can I operate a sportsbook in any territory?

The sports betting market is regulated by the Countries, States or Provinces. Each territory has its own rules and Authorities, in some countries the sports betting is still not regulated or illegal. So, before starting building up a betting platform, it is important to get informed and apply for a license, whether needed.

I would like to setup a sportsbook that will allow me to offer my services to online players and to cashiers as well.

Managing online players and shops is possible through our backend. Indeed, the backoffice counts with many reports and features that allow to have a complete reporting of the activities carried out by Players and Agents, online and in real time.

I already have a platform with my own brand, I would like to use my logo and brand colors. Is it possible?

The User Interface is the flagship of an online betting platform. We can design bespoke artworks and develop tailored graphics and logo, or you can choose one of the templates available. The colors of the template will be customized in order to fit the colors of your logo, if you already have one.

Do you have banking and payment gateway services available?

All the sports betting solutions provided by Sirplay are integrated with many different payment gateways. Aside from the FIAT currencies, we have integrated also a Bitcoin wallet to deposit in over 40 different crypto-currencies. And if you want to use a specific PSP, no issues, we will make the integration for you!

I would like to purchase the sports betting software but adding some features, reports and pages. How flexible is it?

The betting software includes a wide range of reports, pages and banners that can be customized (CMS) or developed upon request. If you would like us to develop a new feature, we will work alongside you creating a tailored project: collection of information and details, submission of the project/rendering, testing and final release.

Questions? We are here to support you.

We are partners and you can always rely on us.


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