For the fourth time, Sirplay was present at SAGSE Buenos Aires, the most important event in Latin America dedicated to the gambling industry which took place from 7th to 9th November in the Argentinian capital. The tradeshow was a beautiful experience which made us understand that step by step, we are really going towards the future of gaming industry in Latin America.

SAGSE 2017: Step by step towards the future of gaming industry in Latin America

The two-day event was the perfect occasion to showcase our latest product, the integrated Bluetooth printer for the land-based agencies willing to improve their betting experience through the portability of an hand-fitted device connected directly to their sportsbook software. The integrated Bluetooth printer is only the first result of our recent partnership with the leading manufacturer of printing solution and gaming terminal, Custom America; to which will follow other solutions designed for the retail betting agencies in order to provide them with an All-in-one betting solution.

But showcasing our latest release wasn’t the only reason why we decided to exhibit at SAGSE 2017.

Sirplay has always had a special eye on the Latin American region so, which occasion better than the most important event in the region to strengthen our presence and get in touch with our partners, customers, and friends?

Indeed, we shared the booth with our Argentinian flagship client, Lotería de San Luis, keeping our company vision more than alive: our clients are partners too, and we do care about their fulfilment as it were ours. (Just like our CEO recently said about another important customer of ours,

Regarding this edition of SAGSE, we could surely agree with the organizer and president of Monografie, Giorgio Gennari Litta’s declaration saying “in quantity and quality of the public, we can qualify this edition among the best of recent years”. The show was a big success and our booth recorded an excellent affluence, with many visitors coming from Brazil and Paraguay. On the basis of the feedback received in our little, we could say some important changes are happening in the industry.

We experienced an overall growing interest regarding the gaming license situation and the achieving process that can be translated in a great potential for the legal gaming market when all the countries will be ready and well on track with their respective regulation plans.

This really makes us optimistic about the future of gaming industry in Latin America.

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