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  1. Sirplay en ICE London 2019

      SIRPLAY EN ICE LONDON 2019   Sirplay presentará R-PLAY en ICE London 2019 a la audiencia local. Ya presentamos nuestro nuevo software integrado de…

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  2. prova marco

  3. White Label Sportsbook

    WHITE LABEL SPORTSBOOK Please Note: These accounts and all the transactions made with them are for demonstration purpose only.

  4. legal online sports betting in USA

    A ICE Sports Betting USA

    USA SOLUÇÕES DE JOGO: O PODER DO R-PLAY O dia 28 de novembro será muito especial para a história da Sirplay. Graças a ICE Sports…

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  5. Sirplay at ICE New York 2018: Amazing!

    ICE NEW YORK, THANK YOU! Sirplay was at ICE New York 2018. The conference wrapped up and it was an awesome occasion to benchmark our…

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  6. United States of America x Betting Solutions: The Power of R-PLAY

    USA BETTING SOLUTIONS: THE POWER OF R-PLAY ICE Sports Betting on November 28. It will be a very special day for Sirplay’s history. Sirplay will…

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  7. Uma nova era de jogos

    A Sirplay estará na ICE Sports Betting USA para compartilhar sua visão em relação aos fatores de êxito desta nova era. Será um momento extraordinário…

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  8. Meet us at ICE Sport Betting 2018 – New York, USA

  9. Discover a New Era of Gaming at ICE Sports Betting USA

    Sirplay will be present at ICE Sports Betting USA to share its vision of the factors of success of this new era. It will be a…

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