Bitcoin is the new method of payment to manage the outcomes of your sportsbook platform in an even safer, faster and more cost-effective way.
The cryptographed method has been spreading faster and faster in all sectors changing the rules of online payments, so why don’t give the chance to your customer to use it on your sportsbook platform too?



  • The lowest management costs in the market. The incredibly high-security given by the cryptocurrency allows processing transactions efficiently and fastly, enabling to make and receive payments almost for free.
  • Protection against frauds. Every commercial activity whom accepts credit cards or PayPal knows the problem of chargeback, that is when a customer disputes a charge and the payment must be refunded. Chargeback is actually a big problem for many since it reduces the catchment area and increases prices, penalising customers too. How to avoid it? Payments with Bitcoin are irreversible, so no more frauds weighing on you!
  • International payments in a blink. Bitcoins don’t have a physical position and thanks to this, they can be transferred from Africa to Canada in 10 minutes, with no limits neither unconvenient fees nor annoying holding period.
  • Get more visibility and gain new customers. More and more are the users who decide to enter the Bitcoin network; starting accepting it is the needed next-step to improve sensibly your sportsbook platform or any of your betting solutions. Gain new customers offering a new payment method and take feet in this innovative world.


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