DFS - Daily Fantasy Sports Module for your white label platform
Since the beginning of the 2000s, it has spread a new kind of game in sports addicts: Fantasy Sports.
Fantasy Sports are games where participants assemble imaginary teams using real players of different professional sports team and compete with others – often a group of friends -, points are made based on real event results and whoever has the highest score wins a cash prize.
In the last few years, Fantasy Sports evolved into Daily Fantasy Sports – a spin on traditional season-long contests – with a boom that doubled the usual income of the industry.


Daily Fantasy Sports VS Traditional Fantasy Sports

What are Daily Fantasy Sports? Differences with Traditional Fantasy Sports

Traditional Fantasy Sports typically occur over an entire season, are offline so are limited to a small group of friends and they are considered for stats geeks only, as they are quite complicated.

On the other hand, Daily Fantasy Sports are an accelerated variant of Traditional Fantasy Sports, indeed they last just a single day or a week maximum. They are usually played on PC or on mobile increasing incredibly the available cash prizes and reducing the fee to enter the contests. They are so simple and easy anyone can play and besides you can challenge every day different competitors, making the game quite more stimulating! But it’s not only that, there are other differences as the convenience of the format, the ability to access the services on mobile devices, the structure and payouts of Daily Fantasy Games that provide a feeling of “instant gratification” to its players, that made these games so addicting.

Daily Fantasy Sports Features - The PROS in activating DFS module

Made for Mass Market
Live Play
Mobile Optimized
Variety of Simple Games


Pickem' 5 DFS game



Pick’em 5 is the perfect Fantasy Sports. End-users pick a 5 player team from a selection of 25 all-star athletes, so the game is simplified and faster. Thanks to its simplicity it is perfect for new market education and mass market appeal. Besides, pre-selected athletes are available for a limited time creating an urgency in playing for end-users.

Our DFS Platform demo


Our DFS Platform

12-Points DFS Game









12 Points is a salary-cap DFS game. This type of game is the most popular way to play, it meets Traditional Fantasy Sports with the benefits of Daily Fantasy and next-gen Fantasy Sports. The contests have a limited roster of players to make strategic and exciting gameplay without forgoing the simplification, main feature of DFS.



The sports and the leagues supported by our DFS module are countless.
North America is the home of Traditional and Daily Fantasy Sports with the largest user base with over 50 million players. Then, it comes by itself that all major US sports are provided with our turnkey solution.
Sirplay’s DFS module supports all of the most popular European and South America football leagues and tournaments; each league supported includes player profile pictures, individual player stats, and live commentary.

Sports supported by our Daily Fantasy Sports - DFS Platform


DFS Process - How does it work?

One of the main features of DFS platform is the simplicity in the process and the game itself.
The process begins with the end-user registration and deposit, he chooses one of the available games and decides wich contests enter paying a fee. Management costs are detected from the collected fees, that will be the operator profit margin, while pool winners are paid with the remaining funds.

End-User registers and deposits
End-User picks a fantasy team
End-user pays to enter a contest
Management fees are collected
Remaining funds are paid to winners

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