Sirplay's Online Poker games module for your betting system

We love to have the chance to choose. So why your users should not?
With its modular platform, Sirplay offers the opportunity to integrate an online Poker module in your betting system with hundreds and hundreds of tables and tournaments to choose from, going from the classics online poker games like Texas Hold’em Poker or Omaha to the always-new and enchanting games.

Not to mention the charming state-of-the-art design with some of the biggest names in entertainment and some of the most imaginative creations in online gaming. Our partners utilise the latest technologies to provide an outstanding gaming experience to satisfy all the kind of players and meet their preferences.

Our Poker comes in a multi-platform module that can be played on almost any device, so it supports Windows, Mac, mobile phones and tablets, with an instant-play version too, for the quick sessions with no need of installation; everything settable in over 20 languages available.

Online Poker Games module for your bookie software


Features of Sirplay's online poker module for your betting platform

Let your players enjoy online poker games like texas hold'em or omaha

–  The end-users can choose and change among a wide range of avatars whenever and as many times as they want
–  Every user has a personal calendar with all the upcoming tournaments
–  Anonymous tournaments available
–  Customizable colours even for cards and chips
–  Special promotions for your players, points, merchandise or cash
–  The “Seat Finder” option, to let a player to book a seat to a full table or to find a very similar one.

Sirplay takes your clients into the amazing Poker rooms where they find a huge network and can enjoy several online Poker experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer a complete betting solution to your players.


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