Sirplay keeps gaining steps in the African Gaming market. The international corporate providing gaming solutions signed a new deal with Mlott Gaming & Technologies Inc., the only official licensed National Lottery Operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With this partnership, Sirplay enters its fourth country in the African gaming market, after the recentĀ entrance in Swaziland.


With the partnership of Sirplay, the mobile, online and retailer Lottery Operator will be the first to enter legal Sports betting ecosystem, with the mission to cover whole parts of DRC in terms of Sports betting and then expand into other African counties.

Mlottā€™s General Manager, Erhan Doğan, declared they decided to partner with Sirplay because of the European mindset of the corporate, its professionalism as well as the fast adaptation to customer requirements.

Indeed, Sirplay has provided an ad-hoc gaming system using Android technologies in order to meet Mlottā€™s demand to have a portable solution for sports betting on the territory. This is not the first time that the Malta-based gaming solution experts manage to offer customized systems designed on the customer requests, making this attitude one of the main values of the company.

Sirplay enters the Democratic Republic of Congo with Mlott Gaming & Technologies Inc last edit: 2018-01-29T16:51:07+00:00 from sirplay