Sirplay was at ICE New York 2018. The conference wrapped up and it was an awesome occasion to benchmark our vision of Sports Betting with the newborn American Market. A lot of opportunities came up since Sirplay was among the few Software Providers who joined the Conference. It was the perfect time to meet familiar faces and new friends.

For Sirplay, this was a stress-test of the new American market we sincerely hope to put our footprint in. Another proof of the Global Awareness of the corporation. From the get-go, we felt the interest in R-PLAY. And the numbers of people who appreciated the new producrt was high.

Sirplay decided to bet on R-PLAY, an Ad-Hoc Platform built with the modern bookmaker in mind. A Software created not only for America, but for all the Developed market and for every operator who is already in the business which wants to step its game up. 



While being everything new, R-PLAY contains years of expertise and feedback from customers from every single corner of the planet. It was such a success to see many people interested in it, that we had demos for hours and entrepreneurs and Networks interested in it. Attendees rapidly understood its incredible potential in terms of speed, scalability and reliability.

R-PLAY instead offers an in-balance between Custom and Standard. It offers quality games for Casino Lovers. The platform load number has increased. Therefore, this means that online users have a much higher number of users than previously did Sports Betting Solutions. Betting Solutions in the United States of America will be different.

The possibility of having a back office as advanced as what you had on Sports Betting Solutions, combined a Welcome Bonus, possibility of coupons, highly capable Profile for Agencies.

Overall, ICE New York 2018 was a great experience and Sirplay’s team would like to thank everybody that stopped by at the stand at the show. For the ones that were not there, you will have another chance to meet Sirplay gaming specialists at ICE Totally Gaming 2019, in London, on 5-7 February 2019.

To learn more about the Sirplay world, you can visit the¬†Facebook¬†page or¬†YouTube Channel¬†to get a deeper understanding of the Sirplay world. For each operator interested to know more, mail¬†[email protected]¬†in order to know more about R-PLAY.

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